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Jaehn’s Autobody – World Class Auto Painting Services

Scratches, chipped paint or even minor accident damage detract not only from your vehicle's looks but also its value. Jaehn's Autobody is your world class auto painting shop based right here in Edmonton. From flawless touch-ups that perfectly match the rest of your vehicle to complete car painting, you can count on us.

Your expert team at Jaehn's Autobody in Edmonton keep up with the latest technologies in autobody repair and car painting. We believe attention to detail combined with our skilled team is what sets us apart from all other auto painting services.

Make your paint problems a thing of the past. Chipped paint means your vehicle is susceptible to moisture and rust, which can be very expensive to fix. From the smallest rock chip in your paint to a complete auto painting job, Jaehn's Autobody is your choice in Edmonton for world class car painting.

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Car Painting Process

When you bring your vehicle to us for paint repair or a full paint job, you can expect the following: 

  • Wherever damage is to be repaired, your vehicle will be thoroughly washed to remove any debris.
  • Once your vehicle has air dried, all trouble spots will be lightly sanded to remove high spots or flaking.
  • We will employ the latest technology to perfectly match your paint colour to spec.
  • A colour test will be performed to ensure we have it right.
  • Paint will then be sprayed on and dried thoroughly.
  • A clear coat of paint will be applied.
  • Complete car painting may require several additional steps, depending on the reason a full auto painting service is required.

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